What is Pizzagate?

My contention is that no one has clearly defined pizzagate. There’s a large number of accusations, rumors, possibilities, suggestions, but not a single place where there is a definition of what pizzagate actually is. This makes it easy for everyone to include anything and everything that they want to, and consequently, can never be properly discussed. 

How about someone puts a clear and concise description of what pizzagate is, that isn’t convoluted with commentary and “evidence” throughout. A paragraph, or a couple, but one from beginning to end of what it is. 

If something like a 32 year old Craigslist prostitute, is included, that needs to be stated,considering that some of the arrests of late, would include that demographic. 

That’s the challenge, which needs to be laid out. If no one can define pizzagate without the use of several hours of YouTube videos and the like, there is an issue. Noone can answer what pizzagate is, because it’s deliberately kept confusing, so that fickle minds can be lead wherever the power desires. This is a cult that has been created and controlled by a few, and they don’t want the world to know the truth, so they get everyone to spend hours and hours watching videos and reading articles with many skewed facts and often lies. 

So let’s have a definitive answer to the question “What is Pizzagate?” An answer absent any evidence, accusations etc. Just the actual definition of what it is. 

Should be quite easy.