The War Against Black Propaganda



What is Black Propaganda?

Black propaganda
is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass, or misrepresent the enemy.( page will address such false information we see circulating through social media and fake news outlets (such as Buzzfeed).  If you notice other Pizzagate Researchers recycling harmful Black Propaganda, direct them here.  You will often see Mainstream Media using Black Propaganda against Pizzagate, which has proven to be a common tactic used to discredi us.  Fighting against this strategy and redirecting people to properly sourced information is our best line of defense.


Twitter Users are Actively trying to spread Black Propaganda through Private Messages:

The claim:

“This art was made by someone who is a victim of satanic ritual abuse.”

The Facts:

This is the artwork of Kim Noble.  Kim is a mother and artist who has dissociative identity disorder—a condition formerly known as multiple identity disorder.  She was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  While under the influence of one of her personalities, she draws pictures of what appears to be satanic ritualistic abuse involving children.  It is likely that her disorder stemmed from childhood trauma.  In fact, her website publisher seems to hint towards this on her website, “D.I.D is a creative way to cope with unbearable pain…”

However we should not stretch the truth and assume she has actually experienced these events.  Until she clearly tells us that she was a real survivor of ritualistic sex abuse, we should not be spreading these pictures as factual evidence of Pizzagate.  Doing so could be personally harmful to her and we strongly advise against tying her artwork so tightly with Pizzagate.



The use of a pedophile symbol has been spotted in “The Complete Adventures of Pan”.


Since there is no connection to anything related to the “big 4” players of Pizzagate, something like this has to be treated as coincidence.  It is being upvoted on Reddit right now in what seems to be a Black Propaganda campaign at discrediting Pizzagate.  Sure enough, the Mainstream will get a hold of something like this and use it to their full advantage.  Unless someone can show us that any of these companies have been taping little girls to tables, we don’t see any reason to suspect it as evidence.  We suspect these symbols when they are being heavily used by individuals who are already showing pedophelia behavior.  Collecting pedophelia art that displays ritualistic child abuse, or posting instagram pictures of very questionable related slang and actions towards children are considered to be red flags. We then look at their heavy use of symbols to lead us to the conclusion that their should be an investigation.  Suspecting a yield sign at an intersection to be pedophile symbolism is not the work of real Pizzagate researchers.      


Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring from the basement of a Pizzeria.


We see this one circulating quite a bit.  No – we have not made the claim that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring.  The Failing “Young Turks” were pushing this false straw man argument to distract people from reading the facts.

The Clinton Foundation has a documented connection to Laura Silsby, who was accused by Haitan Authorities for child trafficking.  The attorney appointed to Silsby was also a sex trafficker, assigned to the case by Hillary Clinton. You can go read about it here, or here.  You can also visit to verify the information yourself.


These pedophile codes are used in the Wikileaks documents.


These originated from a 4chan user named “FBIanon” and shouldn’t be trusted.  The only pedophile code we can prove was in active use prior to #Pizzagate was “Cheese Pizza”.  All of these other improperly sourced codes only distract us from the facts.

 How do I avoid Black Propaganda, then?

 The answer is more simple than one would think.

If the information can’t be sourced back to a real event or Wikileaks document, then it could be Black Propaganda.  Avoid it and let others know when they are spreading it.

You will notice that everything on our front page is sourced back to real events and documents.  Even the symbols are traced back to Unclassified FBI Files.  The heavy use of these symbols among businesses within 2 doors down from each other is extremely suspicious, considering the other evidence of pedophelia involved.  The use of these symbols outside of this small circle of powerful suspects should be labelled as coincidence until further evidence proves otherwise.

Just as important is your action to voice your concern when somebody spreads disinformation.  Stop them.  Send them to this page.  Ask them to show their sources of real events and/or Wikileaks documents.  Keep fighting.        

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